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Silk Painting
About Silk Painting

 Scenes on Silk

The rich shimmer of “Scenes on Silk” fine art paintings will be the

envy of your guests and clients.  The colors are bright and the silk


fabric shines.  The floral and landscape images will enrich your






 The Technique

Silk painting is an ancient art. It is believed to have originated


in India around 200AD and soon spread to Indonesia.  Silk


painting was brought to Europe during early trading with the


Far East and became popular in colonial America in the early 1800s.



The pure white silk is stretched to create a rigid surface.


A resist – traditionally beeswax – is applied to form shapes and


create a barrier to contain the colors. Fabric dyes are applied


with a brush.  This technique is called batik. The artist combines


batik and freehand painting to create the fluid image. 



The painted fabric is steamed to set the dyes. It is then rinsed


and ironed dry.  Finally the painting is re-stretched and framed


to form the unique piece of fine art.