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Silk Painting
About the Artist

 Margaret Lucas-Hill



Margaret Lucas-Hill was educated in graphic design at the London College of Printing, London, England.  She worked in advertising and, after her children were born, taught art in secondary school.  She moved to northern California in 1993 where she has continued to pursue her career as an artist.  While exhibiting at a variety of venues, she is a founding member and currently secretary of the Lamorinda Arts Alliance www.laa4art.org, a non-profit organization which promotes the arts in the community and supports local artists. 


Although Maggie has long painted in oils, in her classrooms she taught silk screen printing to her young students.  Continuing with this medium in her own work she found herself embellishing the prints.  She abandoned the silk screen to paint directly on the silk fabric using a combination of the batik method and freehand painting.